Meeting with an attorney is about preparing for your future - be it planning a business, planning your estate or addressing some other legal matter. Using an attorney to anticpate legal problems can save time, money and frustration over going it alone.

Estate planning is an uncomfortable reality that everyone must confront whether they face an unexpected illness of a spouse, the birth of a new child or the sudden passing of a loved one, each client walks through the door with a unique situation. Each person deserves the utmost care and attention in crafting the appropriate plan to meet their specific needs and objectives. In-depth preparation, analysis and skill, can ease burdens facing a client’s loved ones during such trying times.

Generally, estate planning includes wills and trusts. A basic explanation of a will and trusts can be found in our Estate Planning 101 section. Our FAQ section will provide further answers about our firm, the general estate planning process and some other questions you may have regarding estate planning. Our Estate Planning Specifics details our firm's procedures.

Certain business matters may go hand-in-hand with estate planning. Our General Business Specifics section details the importance of meeting with an attorney to ensure your business meets the legal requirements and is organized for sustainable growth and works in conjuction with an estate plan.

If you have any questions on estate planning or general business matters, please use the contact information below.

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